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Joining Fronesyz Capital can be both fun and rewarding.

How to get started as an Angel?

We come from a wide array of industry expertise and together create an extensive network of entrepreneurial support.  We mentor and coach the entrepreneurs in whom we invest, serve on their boards, provide contacts and assist with team building, strategic planning and financing. Although we act individually, making our own investment decisions, our members closely collaborate while evaluating opportunities, leading funding rounds as well as working closely with our portfolio companies.


Our group includes some of the most experienced, well respected early stage investors in the country. All of our members have outstanding achievements in their professional lives, and bring their wealth of expertise to evaluate deals as well as to assist our portfolio companies.

Deal Flow

As the premier angel group in The United Kingdom  , Fronesyz Angels attracts high-quality early-stage companies not only locally, but also from across the country and internationally. We receive over 200 applications per month, from which our members are presented with the top 12-15 to evaluate.

Deal Terms

Being part of Fronesyz Angels gives you the opportunity to combine your investment with other members. This gives us the leverage to influence deal terms, take Board seats and lead funding rounds.


Many members would cite learning as the primary benefit of their membership in Fronesyz Angels. Formalized education sessions, on topics such as Term Sheets or Governance, are held periodically and guest speakers address the group monthly on trends driving our industry. However, simply listening to dynamic early stage companies in sectors as diverse as gaming and medical devices, which leverage the latest technologies such as block-chain, CRISPR or AI, ensures that our members remain on the leading edge of developments.

Get Involved

As a member run organization it is expected that our members are pro-active in sourcing applications, evaluating companies or leading deals. Many also take Board seats, act as advisors or formally mentor entrepreneurs. There are also a variety of Fronesyz Angels Committees and Special Interest Groups where members collaborate.


As part of the Fronesyz Angels you have the opportunity of working with other members in so many different ways. Whether you are part of a team evaluating this month’s applications, or collaborating on how we can better support our portfolio companies, you will be learning from highly skilled and experienced individuals and forming lasting friendships.

Membership Criteria

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