Fronesyz Capital partners with incubators, accelerators, Angel groups and venture capital (VC) firms.

Fronesyz Angels collaborates closely with several incubators, accelerators and venture capital firms across the country.

We recognize that investing at the earliest stage of a company’s life often requires a collaborative approach. We work closely with trusted partners also focused on helping Founders get from zero to one (and beyond).

Incubators and Accelerators

With incubators and accelerators, we provide a candid “investor perspective” to cohort Founders. This includes such topics as: what information should be included in an investor deck, how to find the right investors for your startup, how to pitch these investors, how to prepare for due diligence, etc. We do this in the form of mock demo-days, office hours, and one-to-one investor/Founder mentoring.

Venture Capital Firms

With professional venture investors (traditional Venture Capital firms) our role varies. With later stage VCs, we act as a resource to potentially invest in and work with businesses that may be too early for them. For early-stage VCs, we act as co-investment partner; sharing with them opportunities that Fronesyz Angels members have committed to while also filling out Rounds that they are leading or involved with. In situations where an opportunity is time sensitive, we have developed an expedited review/funding process.

Angel Groups

Fronesyz Angels has also developed Angel network partnerships with other Angel groups across the country. These collaborations allow for syndication of deal flow, however the entrepreneur is always given final say on where their business and material is presented.