Entrepreneur FAQs

Answers to the most commonly asked questions by entrepreneurs.

What if my round is nearing completion?

If you have a signed term sheet and your round is closing soon, it is possible to submit your application for funding as a flash deal. You must have at least one Fronesyz Angel member committed to invest and a signed term sheet with a lead investor. In the case of a flash deal, entrepreneurs can get funded in under one month.

Does it help if I know a member?

Yes, working with an Fronesyz Angel member who can provide feedback about your company and guidance regarding the Fronesyz Angel process will likely help your application. If a member of Fronesyz Angel is willing to provide a referral, please include that information on your application.

Are there special interest groups within Fronesyz Angels?

Yes, Fronesyz Angel has special interest groups (SIGs) made up of members who seek to invest in specific domains. Currently there are four SIGs: Blockchain, FinTech, Life Sciences, and the Israeli Investment Committee. If your company is in one of these areas, you can connect with us and we will forward your application to the appropriate SIG.

How long will it take to get funding from the Fronesyz Angels?

The average time from application to funding for Fronesyz Angel deals is about 2.5 months. However, some deals close in a month and a few take over 3 months. Founders can expedite the deal process by preparing due diligence information ahead of time, making themselves available for meetings, and generally being as responsive as possible.

Are there fees involved in submitting to the Fronesyz Angels?


Do the Fronesyz Angels syndicate deals with other angel groups?

Yes, the Fronesyz Angels has relationships with other angel groups in the Northeast and often syndicates deals when it makes sense. The entrepreneur always has the final say on where their business and material is presented.